Information on Booth Unit

Size: 1,940 mm width x 1,940 mm depth x 2,400 mm wall height

Fee for one unit: 160,000 JPY

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Basic equipment of one unit:

  • Systematic panels on three sides (backside, right/left sides)
    Height: 2,400 mm
    Width: 1,940 mm for either side

    For posters and other exhibits on the systematic panels, neither nail nor thumbtack can be used. One-side or both-side adhesive tape is recommended. A set of chains hanging poster frames, etc. is also available as chargeable option.

  • A board for the name of booth user
    Size: 900mm W x 200 mm H
    Base color: white
    Letter color: black (both in Japanese and English)

    Company logo can be added at a price of 2,625 yen (tax included) on condition that the complete data should be provided via Illustrator.

  • A table of 1,500 mm W x 600 mm D x 700 mm H (which cannot stand heavy materials)
  • Two chairs

    Flat plan

    Booth image