The Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J) cordially invites you to the IUMRS Int'l Conf. on Electronic Materials (IUMRS-ICEM2012), which will be held from 23(Sun) through 28(Fri) September at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

The IUMRS-ICEM2012 is one of the prestigious conferences of International Univon of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS), focusing on advanced electronic materials andrelated technologies. The ICEM conferences are biennially held, following the successful conferences ICEM2002(Korea), ICEM2004(San Francisco), ICEM2006(Nice), ICEM2008(Sydney) and ICEM2010(Seoul).

The electronic materials are the keys to solve global problems, especially those for sustainable environment and energy. This conference is the event for an update on challenges at the frontier of electronic materials and related technologies, bringing together expertises across the international academic communities, as well as the industry. The innovation of electronic materials is expedited by close collaboration among various materials and biological scientists well as industry engineers. This conference aims to gather such diverse specialists, and to promote research and development on electronic materials and related technologies for sustainable energy and environment.

The IUMRS-ICEM2012 is comprised of 5 plenary lectures, 39 techical symposia covering, A. Electronic Materials for Sustainable Society, B. Electronic Materials and Devices, C. Advanced Materials for Next-Generation Electronics, and D. Modeling, Fabrication, Processing and Evaluation of Advanced Electronic Materials.Also, the 3 forums for interdisciplinary discussion are held, focusing on F-1. Materials Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment, F-2. Materials Education Strategies for Rapidly Changing World, and F-3. Developing a Collaborative Materials Education Network.

The venue site Pacifico Yokohama is the international congress center located at scenic Yokohama bay area, which is historically the first international trading port and the gateway to Japan. Now Yokohama is a harmonious city with both the traditional and the contemporary cultures, surrounded by the beautiful nature.

We eagerly look forward to seeing you at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan in September 2012.

With best wishes,

Chairman of ICEM2012, Naoki Kishimoto (President of MRS-J, NIMS)
General Secretary Atsushi Suzuki (Yokohama National University)
March 2012